Home-Start aims to give support to families who may be struggling to cope with a variety of challenges, helping prevent these difficulties from escalating into crises, and crises from developing into family breakdown. Home-Start will sometimes be one of several organisations working with families and we value our relationships with other agencies. Since Home-Start is a voluntary organisation it can offer a flexible, non-judgemental approach to individual families.

Home-Start support is not a substitute for professional services but complementary to them, and the best results are achieved through an active partnership between professionals and Home-Start.

The main referrers to Home-Start are health visitors, children’s centres, social workers, other voluntary organisations and the families themselves.

How to refer a family to Home-Start

You should:

  • Discuss Home-Start with the family – they MUST agree to receive Home-Start support.
  • Establish that the family has at least one child under five – this is key to Home-Start support.
  • Contact us by calling the office or fill in the contact form below.

Home Start will:

  • Set up an initial visit with the family, within 10 working days, to discuss their needs and tell them all about Home-Start.
  • Carefully match the skills and experiences of a volunteer to the needs of the family.
  • Let you know when Home-Start support starts and ends.
  • Keep you informed, within confidentiality guidelines, about progress.

You can now email us to request a referral form or to send a confidential referral on yhch.homestarthull@nhs.net

Please continue to call the office to request each new referral and to discuss referrals with us.

Referrals Form